I’ve been absent for the last several days, but that’s due to a few different things.

However, now that I’m back, I have to gush a bit about food.

Especially since I’ve had some of the best food of my life in the last week!

It started at Oxford with (what I call) pot pies at Pieminister:


I know, not everyone’s thing.

But in the top 10 of things I’ve eaten in my life filled with free-range beef, awesome bacon, and with mashed potatoes and gravy.

I went back the next day, had another, and this time topped it with crispy onions.

If all else fails, I’ve found a place to eat myself into a food coma.

Now I’m in Rome and while I could gush about the Vatican or the ruins or the Colosseum, instead I’m going to gush about their pastries.

Specifically their cream puffs, which made the top 5 of sweets I’ve ever had.


One near-obligatory food post down, maybe more to come.

Travels and best wishes!


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