A Day at the London Museum

I woke up later than intended today and took my time getting ready to face the day, nevertheless, I spent the day wandering around the London Museum and enjoyed every single second of it.

Yes, even when the documentary on women’s suffrage had me teary-eyed.

I also might have spent more time than most people in the Pleasure Gardens exhibit that highlights the Regency era of Covent Garden, including some beautiful gowns and clothes from the era and a loop of acted scenes that mimic what the high society of London might have gotten up to in the Garden.

Following London from pre-Roman times all the way through the modern era including an installation featuring the creation of the 2012 London Olympic Cauldron, the trip was worth the donation as the Museum operates on donations to keep it free to the public.

An exception to this was the paid exhibit London Nights going on in one of the galleries but with the British Museum on my list for tomorrow I had to pass on spending the admittance fee.

Still and all, standing at a rail and overlooking part of the London Wall made the half-hour ride on the Underground and the negligible walk more than worth it.

Even if I had to run and hide in the Pleasure Gardens exhibit when other parts of the Museum were swarmed with kids on school trips…

More to come (including a few pictures!)



Landed in London

Day One of my trip (since I’m not counting Monday that was strictly travel) and I am exhausted.

The sad thing about jumping an ocean is that it drains you even if you manage, like I did hit-and-miss, to sleep during the flight.

My current total travel from leaving home to arriving at my hostel for the next couple of nights includes: an hour car ride, a nine hour flight, an hour plus (I didn’t catch the exact time) ride on the Underground, and then another hour of wandering and hopping buses to my hostel.

Needless to repeat it but I will anyway because I feel like being dramatic at the moment: I am exhausted.

The first thing that’s struck me beyond the drone of just get to the hostel and you can shower is listening to a blur and blend of languages and accents that my ear in several cases has never heard before in person.  There was a quartet of gentlemen that I originally thought might be French only to realize about a half-hour into the Underground ride that were actually speaking Italian.  My shame knows no limits over the mistake but at least I didn’t assume anything and make an ass out of myself when I was talking to them.

Thus far at the hostel I’ve met gentlemen from Ireland, Germany, and at the other end of the mixed-dorm is a group from somewhere I still haven’t pegged and given my failure during the tube ride I’d rather not venture a guess.

Salutations from London!



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How Sif Abrams and Sif Shadowheart Came To Be

Four years ago I stepped away from publishing original work during a tumultuous time in my life. My marriage was crashing, I wasn’t happy with what I was producing anymore, and I just needed to take a hard look at everything I was doing and what my life was like. Then in the beginning of 2015 it happened: I moved out and filed for divorce.
By this time I had already discovered fanfiction and fallen in love with the entire concept – hard.
I loved that there were communities of thousands and millions of writers creating transformative works on platforms hosted all over the internet.
It was and is a global phenomenon that changed my life.
That’s when, in the middle of a rough divorce, that I started my first fanfiction and created “Sif Shadowheart” to be my presence and pen-name in the fandom realm.
Fast forward two million words and three years later.
I’m going through another transformative, difficult time but soul-searching and constant encouragement and interest renewed my love of writing when at one point I gave serious thought to walking away from it altogether.
And now Sif Abrams has been born.
Not quite the same presence and subject matter as Sif Shadowheart but a pen-name for a fresh start at a vocation that at times has been the only thing keeping me breathing from one day to the next.
Thank you for coming on this journey with me.
~ Sif

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New Gear!

My birthday has just passed and in preparation for my trip and wanderings my sister gave me the coolest gadget I think I’ve heard about for hikers, campers, or travelers on the go.

It’s called Spot Gen3.

Find Me Spot

What is this awesome thing you may ask?

It’s a satellite GPS messenger that can do everything from track your travels to initiate a Search and Rescue operation as long as you’ve got a view of the sky (and charged batteries of course…)

My favorite feature, above and beyond the obvious safety inherit in the SAR capability, is that with a single push of a button I can send a check-in message complete with coordinates and/or a map link for my friends and loved ones to know where I am – and most importantly that I arrived safely.

Two days and counting to touchdown in London and I can hardly wait!

~ Sif

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Travel in Progess…

Hi everyone!

Thanks for finding my blog!

I’m currently in the process of preparing for my trip that will begin with my flight from Seattle to London in early November so until then, sit back and relax while I go through the process of clearing out my place here in the States and prepare for a trip I’ve been looking forward to since I was a kid 😀

A bit about me and my upcoming adventure:

I’m a writer and wandering spirit that has traveled extensively within the United States but other than a pair of trips to Victoria, B.C. has never been out of the country so I’m excited (to say the least) to finally make my life-long goal of venturing to Europe and the U.K. a reality.  No joke, I’ve wanted to visit at least Ireland and the U.K. before I died and since I’m not getting any younger and it would be hard to be broker, I’m finally going for it.

My ticket is purchased and my plans are set with no end in sight and no intention of returning to the U.S. if I can at all avoid it…even though that goal will require quite a bit of creative travel and adherence to travel time restrictions.

I understand the premise of the Schengen agreement but still…lame.

Makes it a bit hard to hit 1) Carnival in Venice; 2) the tulip field in bloom in the Netherlands; and 3) the lavender bloom in Provence; all in the same year but where there’s a will there’s a way and I’m determined to figure it out though I see a lot of bouncing between the U.K. and the Schengen countries in my future.

Though I’m certain there will be enough complaining about that in the future.

For now I have packing to organize!

Until next time,


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